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Since 1995, the Arnavon Community Marine Park Management Committee has been central to all conservation and development activities in the Arnavon Islands. This Committee is made up of representatives from the indigenous users of the Arnavon Islands, the communities of Kia, Katupika and Waghena. It also brings together representatives from Isabel and Choiseul Governments, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and The Nature Conservancy. The ACMP Management Committee employs Rangers from the communities of Kia, Katupika and Waghena, who reside on the Arnavons for a month at a time, monitoring turtle populations and ensuring compliance with the management rules.

In 2017, through hard work and commitment by the community management team, supported by The Nature Conservancy, the Arnavons were recently declared the country’s first nationally protected area - The Arnavon Community Marine Park - ACMP.

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